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Claudia Klein

contact@claudiakleinphotography.com, +41 (0)  76 55 99 506
Grubenstrasse 37, 8045 Zurich, Switzerland
Winterfeldtstraße 20, 10781 Berlin, Germany



Claudia Klein, "I am not going anywhere"
Pavillon, Sommerfrische Kunst, Bad Gastein, Austria, 15 August — 30 August 2020

The Sommerfrische Kunst in Bad Gastein dedicated an exhibition in 2020 to the photographer Claudia Klein, whose works oscillate between the beautiful and the repulsive, the familiar and the uncanny, life and death. Claudia Klein (*1977 in Freiburg, Germany, now lives and works in Zurich and Berlin) studied photography and graphic design in Toulouse and Würzburg. In her photographs, she explores in a direct yet playful way the voyeuristic view into the human nature of the hidden and the absurd. " I'm not going anywhere " is the title of the show at the Pavillon of the "Salzburger Land", and like David Ramierez's pop song of the same name from 2017, it deals with themes of the ephemeral.

The works show supposedly elusive moments created on restless journeys: They are sparse, painterly landscapes that harbour the uncanny in their familiarity. In between, there are repeated depictions of women. It is about the female body and how it is body and its representation from the point of view of the female photographer.

Klein immerses herself in the lives of her subjects, her aim is to reveal these lives through photography. It is an uncovering of one's own emotional vulnerability and fragility. For her, photography stands for the moment, is revealing and contains much that is interpersonal. In this way, an eerie melancholy of the unrepeatable emerges from an ongoing search, which the artist impressively presents to the viewer in the calmly appearing images. Johannes Honeck

Claudia Klein, "Always never the Same"
Claudia Klein, "Beside Places"